Geophoto: sheeted dikes and pillow basalts

Troodos Ophiolite sheeted dikes and pillow basalts on Cyprus, January 2007

Evelyn at Georneys initiated a geology photo week, which gives me the opportunity to share a photo for which I didn’t yet have a place. Ophiolites are oceanic crustal sequences that have been obducted and raised above sea level. To paint with a broad brush, the sequence (from bottom) is one of ultramafic rock, gabbro intrusions, sheeted dykes, pillow lavas, and sometimes topped by pelagic sediment. The Troodos Ophiolite on Cyprus is a fantastic example because it was sort of smeared over the island and at least a little bit of everything can be found at/near the surface. Here we see the sheeted dykes and pillow basalts at a grand scale!

Now go and take your own photo:


5 thoughts on “Geophoto: sheeted dikes and pillow basalts

  1. I’ve seen a GigaPan of this spot (yours? I forget who showed it to me) and it’s absolutely spectacular. You could make out the paleomag drill holes… :-)

    1. Alas, that was not me, I haven’t made any gigapans. This was also back in 2007 before I invested in a decent camera. I am glad someone took the effort to make the gigapan of this spot! Definitely worth it.

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