Findings from the USGS Store $1 Sale

The USGS Store $1 Spring Mega Sale ends Monday, June 4th, 2012. I pored through their archives for a couple of days and ended up with 40 items in my basket. Then, of course, after purchasing those i found ‘just one more map’ that I had to have. Total cost: $49 dollars (includes $5 handling charge and two duplicate maps).

Instead of merely posting a picture of my flood of maps after they arrive, it would be more beneficial for y’all if I put my shopping list on display while the sale is still ongoing. Hopefully something will spark your interest or remind you of a map you’d like to have! Product codes are shown with links to items in the store in case my link-fu is poor (If a link fails at first, usually a second try does the trick).
Terrestrial Geologic Maps:

  • Reconnaissance geologic map of the Deer Peak quadrangle and southern part of the Hardscrabble Mountain Quadrangle, Custer and Huerfano counties, Colorado (#26812) 1974
  • Reconnaissance geologic map of the Beulah Quadrangle, Pueblo County, Colorado (#29434) 1973
  • Reconnaissance geologic map of the Owl Canyon Quadrangle, Pueblo County, Colorado (#29430) 1973
  • Reconnaissance geologic map of the Wetmore Quadrangle, Custer and Pueblo counties, Colorado (#29431) 1973
  • Geologic map of the Arvada quadrangle, Adams, Denver, and Jefferson Counties, Colorado (#24532) 1979
  • Reconnaissance geologic map of the Cripple Creek-Pikes Peak area, Teller, Fremont, and El Paso counties, Colorado (#29760) 1976
  • Geologic map of Oregon (#26326)1969
  • Map of major lithologic units in the Pacific Northwest; a contribution to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (#28843) 2001
  • Geologic map of the Black Hills area, South Dakota and Wyoming (#28063) 1989
  • Geologic map of Glacier National Park, Montana (#27633) 1992
  • Distribution and abundance of gold in bedrock, mineralized, vein and altered rock samples, McCarthy Quadrangle, Alaska (#29726) 1976
  • Placer gold of the Solomon, Bendeleben, and southern part of the Kotzebue quadrangles, western Alaska (#31369) 1988

Topo Maps:

  • Yellowstone National Park North, WY (#254520) 2011
  • Yellowstone National Park South, WY (#254521) 2011

Lunar Maps:

  • Shaded relief map of the Lunar Polar Regions (#27395) 1981
  • Shaded relief map of the Lunar Far Side (#27228) 1980
  • Geologic map of the Aristarchus region of the Moon (#26166) 1965
  • Geologic map of the Grimaldi Quadrangle of the Moon (#26467) 1973
  • Geologic map of the Tycho Quadrangle of the Moon (#26442) 1972
  • Geologic map of the north side of the Moon (#27025) 1978
  • Geologic map of the east side of the Moon (#26901) 1977
  • Geologic map of the south side of the Moon (#27159) 1979
  • Geologic map of the west side of the Moon (#26998) 1977

Planetary Maps:

  • Reference Mosaic of Mercury (#26847) 1974 – This was my ‘just one more…’ map. Worth a look!
  • Geologic map of Io (#28399) 1992
  • Geologic map of the Aeolis Quadrangle of Mars (#27107) 1978
  • Geologic map of the Diana Chasma Quadrangle (V-37), Venus (#113746) 2002
  • Geologic Map of the Niobe Planitia Quadrangle (v-23), Venus (#209265) 2009
  • Geologic Map of the Helen Planitia Quadrangle (V-52), Venus (#208823) 2008


  • An assessment of the mineral resources potential of the San Isabel National Forest, south-central Colorado (#6683) 1984
  • Gold investigations in Precambrian clastic and pelitic rocks, southwestern Colorado and northern New Mexico (#6129) 1969
  • The geologic story of Canyonlands National Park (#6258) 1974
  • United States Gold Terranes; Part 1 (#7159) 1989

Unfortunately, if you’re just looking for pretty pictures, the $25 Earth As Art and Landsat State Maps are not on sale. But, if you like moons, then search for *pictorial*. And I just stumbled across a 1983 satellite mosaic of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station (#39155)…

So, what’s in your basket?


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  1. The sale was devious! I had a shopping cart of 40 maps/reports in no time. Favorites: the full color geologic maps of western Grand Canyon on the Hualapai reservation, and the Clynne geo map of Lassen Peak and Chaos Crags. Older professional papers, including N.K. Hubers analysis on uplift of Sierra Nevada, and the Matthes report on glaciation of the San Joaquin River basin. Also picked up some vintage topo maps of California, including Mt. Shasta.

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