Cosmic Stopover?

After a long day full of fantastic and varied music, Mumford & Sons took the stage in Dixon, Illinois as part of their Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Tour. After warming up with a slow-paced lover’s lament, we jumped right in to Little Lion Man and just kept going. Hits and soon-to-be-new-releases were mixed in fair abundance, and will definitely go down as one of my favorite concerts. There was even some icing on the cake:

Mumford & Sons brought out Jerry Douglas (who would put on a separate show in Dixon later that evening) to play their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer. The stage lights began to dim as they played the opening licks. Between then and the opening lines, almost directly above the stage behind a thin veil of smoke and clouds, a fireball blazed from stage left to stage right. I heard a few “Wow!”s and “Did you see that?!”s, but crowd memory is short and the forces of nature on stage took rein. But I will remember, and I hope those people will, too.

I’m sorry to say I didn’t have a watch/phone to check the time – and didn’t think to ask those nearby – but as I said it started when The Boxer started. It appeared to travel N/NW, and was probably 45-60 degrees above the horizon, lasting less than 2 seconds. Because of the smoke and cloud cover, there is a small possibility that this was a firework. However, I did not see a smoke trail, no other fireworks were shot off, and it did seem to be behind actual clouds and not only smoke. Therefore I hope others will report their sightings, here or elsewhere so we can know for sure!