Flippin’ Rocks

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Thanks to this post by Rebecca in the Woods, I found out that today is International Rock Flipping Day! The purpose of IRFD from the main post at Wanderin’ Weeta:

It’s a day set aside to explore a too-often forgotten part of our world, one we walk past every day, and rarely are aware of; our nearest neighbours, the vibrant life under our feet.

I needed to take a walk, so I grabbed my phone and headed out with a friend to circle St. Mary’s Lake on the Notre Dame campus. Unfortunately the college landscapers apparently decided against leaving any rocks of size lying about for passerby’s to trip on. Instead we headed home and I had to settle for some concrete rip-rap near an apartment complex.

rock unflipped
The “rock” in its natural state

It became unusually blurry and overexposed when flipped (a defense mechanism?)

rock flipped
The “rock”, flipped

Getting closer, there was a slug that didn’t seem to perturbed to being exposed. His buddy the worm schlooped underground when I got too close:

snail and worm
Mr. Snail and The Worm hanging out

And bonus creature, clinging to the underside of the “rock” was this guy:

Spider chilling out

I placed the rock back in place, being careful not to crush the slug. Happy International Rock Flipping Day!


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