Do your worst (presentation)

Check out the ridiculously awful graph below. Bravo, Helena, it offends all kinds of sensibilities: This sort of thing gets filtered out of conference posters and talks, but it would have been right at home in a presentation I made freshman year. Actually, I wish I’d thought of it back then because the assignment was […]

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Geophoto: Antelope Island

Today’s contribution to the geology photo week geomeme is Antelope Island. This shot was taken on approach into Salt Lake City. Antelope Island is one of the ranges that makes up the Basin and Range Province of the western United States. The island is particularly photogenic as it is surrounded by the Great Salt Lake, […]

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Warren Dunes, briefly

In July my friend visited Notre Dame to run in the Sunburst (Half-)Marathon, and while he was around we took a trip to Warren Dunes State Park. Dunes occur over a broad area in the eastern shore of Lake Michigan (Sleeping Bear, Silver Lake, Cowles Bog, etc.), with Warren Dunes being one of the largest […]

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What did you do today? Yesterday? The past three years? Tracing crystals. It’s one of the boulders I’ve been pushing uphill since the beginning of my graduate research. Why? What is it all for? Three little words: crystal size distributions. CSDs are a method to quantify rock textures from thin sections. Let’s look at one […]

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